The Diabolical

A single mother and her two young children are tormented by an increasingly strange presence in their quiet suburban home.


about the film:

Madison is a single mother who is awoken nightly by an increasingly strange and intense presence. She seeks help from her scientist boyfriend, Nikolai, who begins a hunt to destroy the violent spirit that paranormal experts are too frightened to take on.

  • Director Alistair Legrand
  • Starring Ali Larter, Arjun Gupta, Max Rose, Chloe Perrin, Kurt Carley, Patrick Fischler & Merrin Dungey
  • Writers Alistair Legrand & Luke Harvis
  • Director of Photography John Frost
  • Editor Blair Miller
  • Composer Ian Hultquist
  • Production Designer Mona Nahm
  • Producer Ross M. Dinerstein

Language: English

Genre: Thriller / SCI-FI / Psychological HORROR / SLASHER

Running time: 86 minutes



The Diabolical isn’t a picture for the brainless fan who just wants blood and guts. On the contrary this one is aimed at those who cherish the chance to decipher a well-told story with many unexpected turns. You don’t just watch The Diabolical, you study it. And that study pays off, as Alistair Legrand’s debut is one of those captivating films to see release in 2015.

- Horror Freak News

It’ll keep anyone planning a Halloween all-nighter awake and interested.

- The Guardian

With such an imaginative script this film is destined for infinite revisits as you’ll want to pinpoint all the telltale signs and clues you missed out on.…Based on this first outing, I can’t wait to see how Legrand follows up his creatively creepy debut.

- Scream Horror Magazine