The Killing Room

Four individuals sign up for a psychological research study only to discover that they are now subjects of a brutal  classified government program.


about the film:

Four volunteers sign up for what initially appears to be a typical paid research study, only to discover that they've unwittingly become involved with a classified government program that was said to have been terminated nearly two decades ago.

  • Director Jonathan Liebesman
  • Starring Nick Cannon, Clea DuVall, Timothy Hutton, Chloe Sevigny, Peter Stormare & Shea Whigham
  • Writers Gus Krieger, Ann Peacock
  • Director of Photography Lukas Ettlin
  • Editor  Sean Carter
  • Composer Brian Tyler
  • Production Designer Charisse Cardenas
  • Producers Ross M. Dinerstein, Guymon Casady, Ben Forkner & Bobby Schwartz

Language: English

Genre: Drama / Psychological Thriller

Running time: 93 minutes



Shrewd, smart, and thought-provoking, THE KILLING ROOM ultimately works because it doesn’t seem that far-fetched. Truly effective horror movies explore what we already fear.

- Bloody Disgusting

The suspense in this film is absorbing as action after action has a probable bad result, yet the subjects go through with them out of a desperate desire to survive. Much of this is the result of the excellent directing of Jonathan Liebesman, also the director of BHM favorite Darkness Falls…an excellent film that will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. The suspense is painful, yet so compelling that hitting the pause button is not possible – your hand just won’t move.

- Horror Freak News