Youth in Oregon

A man is tasked with driving his embittered 80-year-old father-in-law cross country to be legally euthanized in Oregon, while along the way helping him rediscover a reason for living.


about the film:

Raymond Engersoll aims to reach Oregon in time for an appointment to legally end his life under the state's laws, but his headstrong daughter sends her unwilling husband along for the ride, convinced they can talk him out of the scheme before he reaches his destination.

  • Director Joel David Moore
  • Starring Frank Langella, Billy Crudup, Christina Applegate, with Mary Kay Place, and Josh Lucas
  • Writer Andrew Eisen
  • Director of Photography Ross Riege
  • Editor  Michael Taylor
  • Music Joel P. West
  • Producers Joey Carey, Stefan Nowicki, Morgan White
  • Executive Producer Ross M. Dinerstein

Language: English

Genre: Comedy / Drama

Running time: 105 minutes



Youth In Oregon is a story about families, in all their complex, dysfunctional glory. It is also about dying with dignity, but without selfishness. It’s about the lengths people will go to for those that they love, and how damaging we can be to those we care for the most. Euthanasia is never going to be an easy topic to discuss, and Youth in Oregon doesn’t make it easy. Instead, it makes it complex, unique, sorrowful, and, ultimately, profound.

- We Got This Covered

Director Joel David Moore smoothly orchestrates a terrific ensemble.